Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Very very very low broken toenail?

soo, my toenail i broken almost to the nub, but its not broken all the way across. about half way across. what should i do? rip it off and let it grow?Very very very low broken toenail?
If you can tolerate the pain, rip it off. If not, wrap it with a band-aid for a couple days and then rip it off. I just did this to my thumb and it hurt. I waited a couple days to let it grow out a little and also to get brave enough to rip it. It seems like it grew back pretty quick. Just do it fast when you do it. Ugggg! GOOD LUCK!Very very very low broken toenail?
if you can take the pain, just SLOWLY twist itt offf

I broke half of my toenail off will it grow back?

half of my toenail broke and it came off and i was wondering if it was going to grow back? it doesnt look like it is but im hoping it does! if so how long does it takeI broke half of my toenail off will it grow back?
don't worry it'll grow back. I'd cover it up so that bacteria doesn't get into your nail and I'd recommend cleaning it with alcohol everyday. It will probably take a couple of months to grow back and it might be a little bit disfigured, but don't worry everything will be fine.I broke half of my toenail off will it grow back?
um...mine came off and it;s been over 6 months and no hint of it growing back..so it doesn't always grow back

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It take about a couple of months, but you can make it grow faster if you eat a lot of jello. Scientists show that when you eat a lot of that stuff, it's sure to make your nails tougher, stronger, and healthier, not to mention faster. So in some ways, that's good and bad. But take care! :]
Yes it will grow back, if not then fall off and you will grow another. As a general rule a nail will grow back completely in six months, so half a nail would take about three months.
yes it will come back. The speed ususally depends on your body. Take lots of protein and it will speed up the process.
it depend by age if over 18 it won't grow believe me if you under 18 it will grow because my brother by accedent he cut his nail it will take to grow about a month
Yes it will come back,mines did

I bent back my big toenail, and it turned white where it bent back to. should i cut it back to that point?

Just leave it.I bent back my big toenail, and it turned white where it bent back to. should i cut it back to that point?
NO! Cut back to the edge of your toe so it will be less likely to catch on something (again). Then if it is lifted you can either put a big bandaid or adhesive medical tape (preferable) around your nail and toe to keep it in place and help it to stay put. As the nail grows out keep it well trimmed. Try not to trim so close in that you go above where you toenail comes out from the side of your nailbed. That causes ingrown toenails.

Try to wear a closed toe shoe to protect it. If you can't and you don't feel weird doing it, wear socks and sandals. If all else fails, just sandals.

Keep the sides of your nail bed cleared of skin that tries to creep in to where the nail used to be by scraping away dead skin (you can use your finger nail) after you have been in the shower for a while (the skin softens). I know that sounds gross, but it will keep the nail from growing into that skin later.I bent back my big toenail, and it turned white where it bent back to. should i cut it back to that point?
Dear Lord no!

A few years ago, I REALLY smashed my toe nail. It turned black. It came loose except for where it connected at the cuticle. So I cut it off at that point. My nail finally grew back but it took a long time to heal and it's twice as thick...

If there's no swelling, just leave it be. If there is obviously blood under the nail and it is painful you could drain it to relieve the pressure. That can be dangerous. If bacteria gets in and an infection starts you could be in for a real mess. Best bet is to let your body reabsorb the fluid and heal on its own. Kinda like a blister. Never pop one if you can avoid it. As long as it's sealed, its sterile.
don't do anything it will bleed and hurt... if you do... may God be with you........ ya.. so don't do anything to it. let it do by nature
only if it has grown out to there. if the white part is still on the skin (nail bed) you shouldnt!! because you could get an infection.
No. Let it grow out then cut it. You will be in pain if you cut it below the quick. YEEOUCH!!
No, it kinda like bending a placstic spoon
haha sure.
if u do u will bleed
I would !
umm... no.
no just leave it and it will grow back to normal
no i did that once, it doesnt make a difference!

People who have had ingrown toenail surgery please help!!?


Im getting Ingrown toenail surgery Thurs..

And its on both sides of my toe and on my other toe:(

Will they slice of the puss?

Anyway..How long will it take me to recover?

And would I be able to go to a party on sat night?

Also How long will it be sore?People who have had ingrown toenail surgery please help!!?
read this:

http://hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/html/鈥?/a>People who have had ingrown toenail surgery please help!!?
I had the same problem as you last year

I had ingrown toenail on both toes.

Actually the surgery was great.

They will slice of the puss, they will make you feel a lot better

the first day you cant wear closed in shoes it hurts like crazy, it takes about a week to recover but you will feel better by sat night just make sure nobody steeps on your toes it will hurt. :)

make sure you clean it often

it will stink :0)
You will be sore for a few days but you should be able to go to your party. Your toe will be numb for several hours after the surgery but you should be able to resume your normal activities that same day.

Don't wear shoes that will push on your toes, it will make it more sore. Be sure to follow the doctor's instructions, do exactly as he/she says. After it is all over you will be glad yo had it done, no more pain from ingrown toenails.
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  • I have a ingrown toenail and i want to fix it myself, any ideas? i might just rip toenail out.?

    Ive had it for a pretty long time now, like a mont and im pretty used to it now but im getting tired of the pain during pe in school and just like walking around. my toenail is like inside meat lol and ijust fixed my other on but it hurt real bad.I have a ingrown toenail and i want to fix it myself, any ideas? i might just rip toenail out.?
    I always take a piece of cotton and stuff it under the nailbed where the ingrown is. It relieves pressure and keeps the nail off the nailbed and from growing into the skin. I usually change the cotton every few days as needed until the nail grows out. Also, Neosporin helps with any infections.I have a ingrown toenail and i want to fix it myself, any ideas? i might just rip toenail out.?
    Man, I hate that!!! It hurts!!! I used to get them all the time, but now I get pedicures every two weeks, and no longer get them. BUT, before I could do that, I remember the cure I did myself. Ingrown toenails are two things - both the skin growing up into the nail, and the nail growing down into the skin. You need to have a skinny pair of scissors to first remove the excess skin from under the nail (if you soak your toes in warm soapy water first, it will be easier). Once all the excess skin is removed, you will probably have seen that the long edge of the toenail is also growing down towards the nailbed. You will have to clip the side of that nail (and it will hurt!) so that it is no longer cutting into your skin. You can get special scissors for that very cheaply at the drugstore. Your skin does not have to bleed to do this, unless it is already infected. If it is, after you do remove the skin and bad nail portions, you should pour on peroxide, then dry it and use Neosporin with socks for a couple of days.

    I also recommend going to get a pedicure once your toes have totally healed to see how they do it. If you routinely get ingrowns, you should give yourself or get a professional pedicure every two weeks at least. It's worth it!

    Why do my toenails grow up instead of out?

    They look normal in all other respects, except for the 2 nails that grow up instead of out like normal nails. Can anyone think of a reason why this is happening?Why do my toenails grow up instead of out?
    You do not mention is this is a new or existing condition....however, curvatures such as clubbing (convex), flatness, spooning(concave) CAN indicate illness in other areas of the body, nutrient deficiencies, drug reaction or poisoning, or merely local injury.

    Next time you are at the doctor, remember to have him take a look. Its probably nothing, but its always safer to make sure.Why do my toenails grow up instead of out?
    Blame it on your parents... No, they did not abuse you but you did get their genes. It is hereditary.
    No. Ask your doctor
    well maybe that runs in ur family ya know.
    some of us are closer to the monkeys than others

    just kidding
    Have never seen any that grow up. Only out.

    What is a cute way to paint your toenails?

    :] I need ideas, I am tired of little polka dots.What is a cute way to paint your toenails?
    I paint mine as M%26amp;Ms, if you want something really creative. I paint each one either red, blue, green, yellow, brown, and orange, then I draw little white M's on them. They are so cute, if you like little cheesy things. Or I paint them as lady bugs, or I do little peace signs. Good Luck!What is a cute way to paint your toenails?
    I have seen many variations on the ';french manicure'; with one bold and one pastel or neon. There are several places you can get appliques like stones and pictures for your nails and I have seen some very patient painters who create small scenes like a tree and presents for xmas or a watermelon for a picnic. It really boils down to how talented and patient you are. Good luck!
    try blood red!!

    or dark brown

    and you could add stripes to them.

    but i like to paint my toenails one color.

    it seems overdone. i like to add a lot of extra stuff on my fingers.

    i like them funky
    french tip re/white. black/white.. put decals/ paint zebra stripes or cheetah print.
    I paint mine half neon pink, and half black :]